Clinical Labs include clinical and anatomic pathology labs including CRO labs.


Below are our current listings.

Current Listings

Tech-2503B – TN CLIA-CAP Lab with Payer Contracts

TN Lab with CLIA and CAP, several payer contracts, Validated Molecular Equipment and panels. Owner help available for running the lab. $800K.

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Tech–9108: GMP-compliant CBD Softgel Manufacturer in Western USA For Sale

GMP-compliant Softgel, Gummies and Tinctures Manufacturer. Mastery in Vegan Softgels. Formulation help. Revenue $1.14M. Asking Price $2.5M.

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Tech-2599: Pathology Laboratory in Midwest with Many Payor Contracts For Sale

Very reputable pathology Lab in mid-west with access to many payor contracts. Revenue $1.1M; DE $393K; Price: $1.5M.

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Tech-2626:Texas Clinical Lab – Novitas Mac, Hard-to-Get Payer Contracts

High-Complexity Clia-COLA laboratory in TX with many payer contracts and poised for rapid growth with new accounts. Revenue: $3.7M, EBITDA: $310K (proj. 2023). Asking $1.95M plus earnout.

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Tech-2634: Brand New NJ CLIA Lab with Several Validated Molecular Test Panels

Brand New CLIA Lab in NJ. Novitas MAC, Many validated panels and virtually no billing history. Price $395k.

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Tech-2585: Turnkey Molecular and COVID Testing lab in Metro Dallas Area

A Turn-key Lab, less than a year old in Metro Dallas area. In-network contracts including TX BCBS, Novitas MAC, Assets of about $200K. Price $399K

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Sold Clinical and Pathology Labs

SOLD: Tech-2606: Brand New Molecular and COVID Testing Lab in TX

Brand New High Complexity Molecular Testing Lab in Texas. No Billing and Hence No Claw-back / audit risk. Asking Price $295K.

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SOLD: Tech-2584: Turnkey Molecular and COVID Testing Lab For Sale in NJ

Brand New CLIA, COLA Lab in NJ. Novitas MAC, Assets of about $400K. Price $399K.

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SOLD: Tech-2582: Turnkey CAP- CLIA Lab in Atlanta For Sale at Bargain Price

A Turn-key Lab in Atlanta Area. With very well laid out beautiful lab space, high throughput equipment to develop molecular diagnostic business.

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SOLD: Tech-2576: CA CLIA and Medicare

California Laboratory with Clean CLIA and Medicare licenses. It just passed inspection. Price: $100,000

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SOLD: Tech-2575: Spacious Lab in Atlanta with Clean CLIA for Sale

Spacious CLIA Lab in Atlanta - Minutes from Downtown Atlanta and the Airport. Clean Clia - No Insurances ever billed. 6,600 sq. ft. rented space. $100K and pick up the lease. Equipment/furniture price...

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Sold: Tech-2572: Brand New Clinical Lab For Sale – CO and CA Licenses, Novitas MAC

Under LOI: Brand New Clinical Laboratory in CO For Sale. Has Clia, CO, CA License, Medicare, Medicaid. Done no billing. $150K for a quick close

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SOLD: Tech-2534: Profitable NJ Lab with NY, NJ and PA Licenses

This turn-key lab comes with a great location, excellent growth potential with marketing, and hard-to-get licenses of NY, NJ, and PA in favorable MAC. Had Medicare, Medicaid, and Multiplan. Price $2.2 million

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SOLD: Tech-2506: CRO in South East with Expertise in NGS, RNA, Genomics, Biomarker Services

SOLD: The CRO Lab is one of the Early Adapters in Next Generation Sequences and deep expertise in research and applications Biomarkers, Disease Diagnostics and Treatment Development, using RNA, mRNA and microRNA arrays.

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SOLD: Tech-2440: Anatomic Pathology Lab in the North East

Very profitable, successful, and fast-growing anatomical lab in the North East. Known for its high level of service. Revenue; $4-5MM; EBITDA: $1.5-$2MM

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