Tech-2606: Brand New Molecular and COVID Testing Lab in TX

Brand New High Complexity Molecular Testing Lab in Texas. No Billing and Hence No Claw-back / audit risk. Asking Price $295K.

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UNDER LOI: Tech-2592: Well-established, Profitable Environmental Laboratory in New England

Well-established environmental laboratory in New England. Solid Year-to-Year Growth. 2023 Revenue / EBITDA: 3.45 M / 624 K. Inviting Offers.

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Tech-2626:Texas Clinical Lab – Novitas Mac, Hard-to-Get Payer Contracts

High-Complexity Clia-COLA laboratory in TX with many payer contracts and poised for rapid growth with new accounts. Revenue: $3.7M, EBITDA: $310K (proj. 2023). Asking $1.95M plus earnout.

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Tech-2616: Turnkey Molecular and COVID Testing Lab in NJ with Multistate Licenses

Turn-key Molecular Lab for Covid, Flu, RPP, UTI testing and NJ-PA licenses. NY license coming soon. Validated for a number of other tests.. Asking Price $395K

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Tech-2595: Agricultural Product Testing and Consulting Lab in Western USA

Laboratory with deep expertise in testing edible oils, especially olive oil. Extensive testing protocols and DNA libraries. Revenue $80K, SDE $50K. The asking price is $200K (including IP).

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Tech-2593: Modern, Profitable, Cannabis Lab in North East

Modern, profitable, fairly new cannabis testing laboratory in the North East. Solid Growth Opportunity via market expansion and diversification. $1.2M revenue, $100K EBITDA, $2.5M invested.

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UNDER LOI: Tech-2565: Turnkey Molecular and COVID Testing Lab For Sale in NJ

One-year-old CLIA Lab in NJ. Novitas MAC, Lab is in Network with Medicare and major NJ Medicaids. Price $600k. Partnership possible.

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Tech-2585: Turnkey Molecular and COVID Testing lab in Metro Dallas Area

A Turn-key Lab, less than a year old in Metro Dallas area. In-network contracts including TX BCBS, Novitas MAC, Assets of about $200K. Price $399K

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Tech-2545: Free-standing Delta Separation Extraction Mobile Lab for Sale

For Sale - C1D2 certified custom-built mobile extraction lab. Hardly used. $125K.

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