SOLD: Tech-2606: Brand New Molecular and COVID Testing Lab in TX

Brand New – Never Billed – No Risk of Audit/Claw-back

High Complexity Lab – New Equipment – Medicare and TX Medicaid

Lab Tech

Lab Tech

This High Complexity Texas Laboratory is set up for molecular testing and is ideal for someone who wants a ready lab set-up (with CLIA, Medicare, and Medicaid, and a Lab Director) to start doing molecular testing immediately in a favorable MAC for molecular testing. This would save almost a year from having to set up the lab and get CLIA, Medicare, and Medicaid. Also, ideally, such a lab should not have run too many samples to avoid risks or audits and claw-backs.

This is an ideal lab for such buyers as it has not run any clinical samples at all since it was set up and has not been billed for any payments.

The Lab was set up in August 2021. It is a CLIA-certified diagnostic laboratory dedicated to providing quality lab results easily accessible to both patients and providers. The Lab got CLIA for the Lab and opened up for business only in 2022 after getting Medicare, with the purpose of testing for COVID. However, soon after the Lab started, the COVID threat was sharply declining.

As a result, the lab has not run any commercial samples or done any billing as of yet. So it is a clean lab with no risk of claw-backs. Since the Lab is currently not running any commercial samples, its CLIA is in a suspended state, and the Lab Director is on standby, ready to join again with the new owner. The CLIA can then be quickly reinstated by informing CMS and having them come for inspection. The Lab is fully equipped and ready to run the samples immediately.


The Lab is in network with Medicare, Texas Medicaid, Workman Comp, and Tricare East (certified). Texas Children’s Health Plan credentialing is in process.


The Lab is well-equipped with

  • – Quant Studio 5
  • – Biosafety cabinets
  • – Kingfisher Flex extractor
  • – Liquid handlers
  • – Refrigerator, Freezer, etc.
  • – Inventory of Supplies


The asking price for this clean Lab with no billing, in Novatis MAC, and in-network with Medicare and Medicaid is $295,000.

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