Tech-2576: CA CLIA and Medicare

Safe, Clean CLIA (no insurance billed) – Newer Well-Maintained Equipment

This is a unique opportunity to acquire a clean CLIA license with Medicare from a very recently closed-down laboratory in Los Angeles, CA, and had just passed the inspection with zero deficiency in December 2022.

The Lab was set up in 2020 for Covid testing. The Laboratory was primarily serving Movie and TV studios and the media production crews during the pandemic, so all of the revenue was generated as cash revenue, and no insurance was billed. As a result, CLIA is clean, and the buyer can buy the Lab without worrying about clawbacks or audits from the payors.

The Parent Company has now decided to wind down the laboratory business and focus on its core business of developing products and technologies around clinical assays.

The Company is selling its CLIA and Medicare licenses. The space is no longer available because the company from which the Lab was subleasing the lab space wants to use the space now.  The assets have been liquidated already.

The asking price is $100K.

Note: This lab is being marketed in cooperation with Manhattan Biz, the Listing Broker with a CA license.

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