Tech-2577: NY Health License with CLIA and Medicare For Sale

NY Dept of Health  License with CLIA and Medicare is available for sale. The Lab was actively testing Covid 19 during 2022. But it was for corporations – mainly for media companies, TV and movie studios, etc. So they were all cash transactions, and nothing was billed to the insurance companies. As a result, the CLIA license is clean, and there is no danger of clawbacks or payor audits.

Note that the current license is for high-complexity testing so that other high-complexity tests can be added. Currently, it only permits COVID-19 testing, and one would have to upgrade it to add other modalities. However, it would still save considerable time as traditionally NY license takes anywhere from 12-24 months.

Note that the lab is sub-leasing its current space and so this offer is just for the NY State and CLIA license with Medicare. The buyer will have to relocate it to their own location and with their own Medical Director.

The asking price for the license with Medicare is $250K.

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