Tech-2595: Agricultural Product Testing and Consulting Lab in Western USA

Deep Expertise in Edible Oils – Particularly Olive Oil

olivesThis unique Laboratory specializes in testing edible oils, particularly olive oil. It is the only independent Laboratory to provide DNA fingerprinting using its proprietary database with over 300 types of olives and other nursery plants, including walnuts.

The Lab’s co-founder, who is also the principal Scientist, has run the Lab for the past 15 years, more to fuel the founder’s passion and curiosity for the science of plants and breeding and less as a commercial enterprise. However, in the process, the Lab has acquired international recognition and accumulated a treasure trove of data. Few labs can offer the depth of services that this Lab offers regarding edible oil testing, with particular emphasis on olive oil testing.

A more commercially savvy laboratory providing food testing can take this Lab to the next level and extend its current seasonal workflow. It is expected that the buyer will eventually absorb the Lab in its own space.


We have priced this Lab at $200K. Besides the cash flow, customers, and existing book of business, the price includes valuable IP that the Lab has – not just the methods to characterize the oils but also the genetic characteristics of around 300 types of olives to identify a particular cultivar correctly. The Lab’s co-founder and Scientist gathered this information over decades of work. The Company is currently the only independent lab provider of DNA fingerprinting services in the US, using its proprietary database.

Financial Highlights

The Lab’s projected revenue for 2023 is $80,000, and SDE cash flow at $50,000. The asking price for the Lab is $200K, which includes all of the assets and the intellectual property of the Lab.

When inquiring about the lab, kindly inquire with your business email, and please provide some information about your company and your background.

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