Tech-2524: Brand New Molecular CLIA Lab in the TN


Validated for Molecular Detection of Pathogens and Covid-19

This is a brand-new lab in TN, formed in early 2021, and below is a brief summary of what is offered.

  • A CLIA high-complexity laboratory
  • Registered with Medicare (Palmetto GBA MAC)
  • Validated for molecular tests for detection of pathogens and COVID-19.
  • No patient testing has been performed to date and hence no Medicare billing is done
  • Therefore it is a safe and clean Lab to acquire as there is no billing history associated with it
  • Will save 4-6 months instead of setting¬† up a new¬† lab to start and run samples – can pay for itself in a few months if the Buyer has a large number of COVID samples to run during this delta surge
  • Flexible on space that may be needed by the Buyer (from about 500 to 1500 square feet). If molecular (UTI, Covid, etc.) is the testing platform, this typically does not require a significant amount of space.
  • Paid off Instrumentation included in the sale (1) QuantStudio 3 and (2) an Agena/Sequenom MassArray.
  • The lab also includes up to ten lab-grade tables with more available for an additional charge per table.
  • Additional items available for purchase include a QuantStudio 6 and a biosafety hood.
  • Optionally complete customization and turn-key management of the lab available from the seller who is a reputable lab consultant. Can add extra equipment to meet the capacity or add additional test modality under a consulting / management contract. You can run your business without having to worry about running the lab in a CLIA-compliant manner
  • Price:$550,000
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