SOLD: Tech-2223: Profitable ISO/IEC Accredited and Well-Equipped Calibration Laboratory in New England

SOLD – Profitable ISO/IEC Accredited and Well-Equipped Calibration Laboratory in New England with Great Future Potential.

This is an accredited calibration laboratory that calibrates analytical and hand instruments for a variety of customers, including aerospace, medical, automotive, and general manufacturing industries. About one-third of the work is done in customer locations, with many instruments brought back to the lab due to controls of environment or capability limitations on-site.

A few years back, the lab serviced over 1,000 accounts in 35 states and 3 foreign locations. The present owner of the company partially retired in 2005 and essentially fully retired in 2007. Due to his retirement and cutbacks in the serviced area, it currently serves about 700 clients.

The present leased facility in an industrial park was built out specifically for the calibration services. Recently, $50,000 was invested in temperature controls, electrical services, and the move to its present facilities.


The lab has been accredited to IS0 17025 since the standard’s inception, and prior to that Guide 25. The accreditation contains a rather wide scope of dimensional and mechanical capabilities. Over a hundred Standard Calibration Procedures (SCP) have been developed and are in service.

Accreditation could also be pursued for electronics and process instrumentation. Possible ventures include instrument sales and electronics calibration.

The lab has shown the capability to measure angles with an uncertainty of about 3 arc-seconds (about an inch per mile) using a Leveltronics NT. Gage Blocks can be measured to one-tenth of a micro-inch using a ceramic-framed Labmaster developed specifically for the purpose. Rings and pins can be measured to one-millionth of an inch.

Other equipment includes temperature dry-well and RTD standards, 2 dead-weight pressure testers (plus 2 Druck), Sartorious and two other scales and master weights, lnstron Tensile machine, replacement gage blocks and pins, two vans with on-site kits, and a 5100B multimeter calibrator. The usual height masters, ceramic gage blocks, thin and long block sets, Morehouse proving rings, torque calibrators, backup equipment for almost everything, and much more are included.

In fact the current value of the equipment is estimated at $362K (and the new value at over $1 million).

Key Financials

Gross Revenue: $453K (2011); Cash flow: $60K, assets: $362K, Asking Price: $595K. (Before the owner retired fully in 2006, the gross sales were around 540k and the discretionary cash flow ranged from $110-160k.

The lab is currently operating at less than 50% capacity (it can had le gross sales of $1 million with current instrumentation). The lab is operating at less than 50% of capacity. Were the new owner to increase the sales to 75% of capacity, the marginal improvement should add about $70,000 to earnings (i.e. total cash flow of about $130K).

Opportunity Closed

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