Tech-2629: Environmental Lab in Northeast with Exceptional Growth Opportunity

Well-established Laboratory

This 40-year-old environmental testing laboratory (referred to as “the Laboratory“) in the Northeast presents an outstanding opportunity for a buyer to acquire a well-established laboratory. The Laboratory, operated as a lifestyle business by the owners, has consistently generated about $1.2M in revenue. The weighted average EBITDA over the past three years was approximately $145K. The Laboratory has faced relatively little competition and has only recently encountered competition from a national laboratory.


Extensive Services

The Laboratory offers comprehensive services, including wastewater, groundwater, drinking water, and stormwater testing. It also has capabilities for Aquatic Toxicity Testing and soil and solid sample testing. Additionally, the Laboratory conducts raw materials and finished product testing, constituting about 6.0% of total revenue.

Diverse Clientele

The Laboratory has a diverse clientele, including environmental engineers, real estate agencies, daycare centers, commercial/municipal entities, and the general public.

Backed by Proficient Team

The Laboratory is backed by a team of experienced chemists, microbiologists, and aquatic toxicologists who are highly skilled in their respective fields.

Growth Opportunities

  • – Obtaining NELAC certification to enter large neighboring markets
  • – Investing in LC/MS system to tap into growing PFAS testing opportunities
  • – Partnering with the potential buyer’s laboratory to offer additional services
  • – Implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase visibility
  • – Expanding raw material and finished products testing services

Reason for Sale

The owners have run the lab for 40 years, maintaining consistent revenue, and are now looking to retire. One of the owners is willing to stay on for another year to ensure a seamless transition.

Financial Summary and Asking Price

The Laboratory has been generating about $1.2M in annual revenue and about $145K in EBITDA. It is seeking offers from strategic buyers who can use the Laboratory as a growth platform.

When inquiring about the lab, please provide your business email and some information about your company and your background.


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