UNDER LOI: Tech-2532: Clinical Research Organization (CRO) – Niche Expertise and Strong Growth

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Niche Expertise in Long-Term Care Facilities and with Elderly Patients

Strong Growth – Solid Pipeline – Sterling Reputation
Novel Clinical Trial Management Platform to Manage Complex Global Trials

A unique opportunity to acquire a CRO in the Mid-Atlantic region, with expertise in doing clinical trials in long-term care settings and with the elderly population. The company’s sterling reputation and its long history have established it as a leader in this niche space. The company’s strong growth in recent years has continued in 2021, with gross revenue exceeding $6.9 Million and EBITDA over $2.6 Million. Moreover, it has a strong pipeline of work – it already has contracted work of $8.6 M over a two-year timeframe. Its expertise is in high demand and revenues are achieved with minimal marketing.


The company’s trials range from Phase II through IV. It has recently developed innovative designs to create real-world data on the effectiveness of devices, biologics, and medications. The company has an extensive database of clients and long-term care sites in which they have conducted clinical trials. They have experience in a broad range of therapeutic areas and product categories including investigational and licensed medications, biologics, and medical devices. It continues to capture significant contracts collaborating with major universities and pharmaceutical companies. In addition, the company has developed a clinical trial management system that allows for global management of complex clinical trials and accurate data management.

The Company feels that it can reach a much higher level with the help of a strategic buyer who can provide sales and marketing support, bring new contacts and resources and take away some of the burdens of administrative and back-office work so that it can focus on its core competencies.


  • Gross Revenue: $6.91 Million
  • EBITDA: $2.58 Million
  • Asking Price: $12 Million

We are marketing this opportunity in co-operation with the listing advisor

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