Tech-2556: Fast-Growing, Cannabis Testing Lab in the Northwest USA


Outstanding Margins-Rapid Growth-Limited Competition-Great Growth Prospects

This six-year-old Cannabis testing lab is an independent, full-service, analytical lab with impressive year-to-year growth, lean operations, and solid profit margins. It is one of only a handful of full-service Cannabis labs in the State and only one of two in the local area where most of the farmers are.

The Lab has accreditations and licenses to test medicinal and recreational Cannabis. The Lab comes debt-free. The Lab analyzes medicinal and recreational marijuana to ensure that the products comply with and exceed the highest industry standards.

The Lab offers a full compliance analytical test package for usable marijuana, extracts/concentrates (for cannabis flower, concentrates, tinctures, pre-rolls, gummies, etc.), and individual tests for pesticides, potency, residual solvents, water activity, 42 Terpene profile, mycotoxins, and moisture content.


It will take about 18-24 months for someone to start such a lab from scratch, get validated for all the tests that this Lab does, and get all the licenses.

Financial Highlights

The table below shows a summary of the past three years’ financials.


Fiscal Year ending Dec 31

  (All figures are in USD) FY 2022 Projected* FY 2021 FY 2020 FY 2019
  Gross Revenue 2,000,000 1,534,325 1,322,042 1,124,365
  % Growth 30.4% 16.1% 17.6%  
  Adjusted EBITDA


1,675,678 1,285,517 1,061,695 879,934
  % of Total Revenue 83.8% 83.8% 80.3% 78.3%

The owners are looking for a fair multiple of the EBITDA of $1.7M.

When inquiring about the lab, kindly inquire with your business email and please provide some information about your company and your background.

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