SOLD – Tech-2472: NY / CLIA License of a Clinical Lab



Only $125K

The owner bought the assets of the lab from previous owner including the CLIA license, and relaunched
the lab as a new company with a new name, new NPI, new Tax ID and new NYS license in May 2017. So
this is a fresh company with a fresh license, making it more attractive to the buyers who may be
considering stock purchase but maybe wary of the past history. The owner vouches that the Company
has no regulatory or legal problems and had a recent NYS inspection with 100% proficiency score.
The business is still running but with just a small revenue and the owner is looking to sell it without
business. The rent is month to month and so it is not an issue about moving the business to anywhere in
NY State.

The business is not in network with any insurances or Medicare but is in Multiplan which can service
several private insurances.


Besides NY State License and CLIA, the equipment in the lab includes Centrifuge, Vortex and Multi Digital
Pipettes standard and reverse, microscope and SOPM (standard operating procedure manual).


The main business asset is its NY State license, which can take usually 18-24 months and so for a lab which
is losing revenue due to not having a NY license, this is ideal. Having a short history and coming with
clean history is also adds to the value of the business. The asking price for CLIA license is $125K.

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