Tech-2469: New Tox Lab in NC – Can be Ready for Covid Testing in 4-8 weeks

Tech–2469: New Toxicology Lab in NC – Can be Covid Ready in 4-6 months

Lab with High Complexity CLIA, Medicare, Medicaid Insurances

This is a new Toxicology lab in North Carolina, complete with Medicare and NC Medicaid and high complexity CLIA accreditation. This can save someone looking to divert some volume or wanting to start right away some 6-9 months in getting set up, get CLIA, Medicare and Medicaid.

The Lab comes with a completed validated Agilent 6490A Triple Quad LCMS system and ready to start toxicology testing right away. The lab has the capacity to run over 5,000 toxicology samples per month with a single shift with this equipment.

Note that the lab can be ready for COVID testing in under two months – most likely in 4-6 weeks and the sellers can help you with connecting with a right consulting company which they have used for another laboratory to help set up COVID testing there. COVID set-up can be done in about $100-$150K depending on the capacity and options.

The lab is in a 2,037 sq. ft. of leased space in a modern industrial complex close to the airport.

Currently the lab is only running occasional samples to keep equipment in good condition but it has no commercial business and so the buyer will bring its own business and sample volume. Other than the part-time Medical Director, it does not have any staff either but it is not difficult to hire skilled personnel to run the lab in this region. The sellers are willing offer consulting services to help the buyer get set up including recruiting additional personnel if needed.

The Lab is offered at $375K .

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