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- Clinical Labs
- Analytical / Research Labs
- Calibration Labs

Clinical / Diagnostic / Pathology / Forensic

blood drop iconSOLDTech-2416: Partnership Opportunity in a Modern Clinical and Pathology Lab with NJ and NY License. A unique and time-sensitive opportunity for someone to partner in a very modern, CLIA and CAP accredited clinical lab with a great growth potential. The medical laboratory is in an upscale community and is set up to perform anatomic pathology (tissue analysis), toxicology studies (drug testing, particularly for patients taking pain medications) and in blood testing for chemistry and allergy studies. In future, the lab will add Genomics testing. The Lab currently has about $1.5 million per year revenue in existing book of business and projects to generate $4 million within 3 years.

blood drop iconSOLD Tech-2392: Opportunity to Add High Margin Flow Cytometry Cancer Tests via This CAP/CLIA Lab in South East. This 15-year old high complexity lab is CLIA and CAP accredited and provides state-of-the-art flow cytometric services for cancer testing. They offer a variety of test panels such as acute leukemia panel, lympho-proliferative panels and more to diagnose a variety of cancers. These panels are high margin tests (reimbursement of about $1,000) and excellent addition for a lab that is looking to add this niche testing. Ideal for oncology group practices as well and also for those who are outsourcing this to other labs or who can get adequate number of samples. It is also ideal for others who are looking for a high complexity lab and add other services including blood or urine testing, toxicology, PGX or pathology. The lab is located in a highly desirable town near a university and where a lot of innovative research companies are located. Buyer could lease or buy this space or can just buy the business and move it elsewhere in the state. The lab used to gross over $1 million a few years back but the owner is now semi-retired. The building is a nice modern lab building of 3,608 sq. ft. Revenue: about $200K, asking price for business: $399K, for the building (optional) $1.2 million.

blood drop iconSOLD Tech-2362: Turn-key CLIA Lab in South East USA. This is a great opportunity to buy a turnkey, high complexity CLIA lab in the South East. The Lab is fully equipped with equipment for clinical chemistry and toxicology screening studies and is also fully staffed. Ideal for a buyer looking for a Florida CLIA license. Asking Price: 399K.

blood drop icon SOLD Tech-2391: One year old, CLIA, COLA Accredited Toxicology Lab in South East / Mid South Region. The lab is doing confirmatory testing with about 400 patients / month. Has some in-network contracts. The owner has another business and has moved out of town. Looking for a quick sale. Asking Price $250K. ..more

blood drop iconSOLDTech-2384- CLIA-accredited Toxicology Lab in Mid-Atlantic States. This lab is turn-key, high-complexity CLIA lab ready for doing classical clinical chemistry and toxicology screening studies. Capable of doing confirmatory toxicology studies and molecular diagnostics in 2-3 months. In-network with several major insurances. ...more us

blood drop icon SOLD Tech-2350: Cutting Edge, Clinical Genomics Lab in North East with CLIA Accreditation in NY, CA, and FL Looking for a Strategic Partner. This ten year lab is located in a large hospital complex in a major North East city. The Founder / Majority Shareholder of the lab is a well-known physician scientist in the area of clinical genomics. This high complexity lab can also implement Toxicology studies in short order. Looking for offers from strategic partners that can accelerate growth. ...more us

blood drop icon SOLD Tech-2360: Well-established, Profitable, CLIA-accredited, Clinical Lab with NY License and Excellent Location. Ideal Opportunity for buyers who are looking for a lab with NY license. The Lab has NY CLIA license, participates in CAP proficiency program, does all classical clinical chemistries and .also expertise in semen analysis. Great location in a large building with many doctors at a very reasonable rent (provided buyer can quickly renew lease, which expires soon). Revenue: $504K (2015); Discretionary Earnings: $117K.

blood drop iconSOLD Tech-2266: New CLIA-accredited Clinical Chemistry Laboratory in Mid-Atlantic States is Looking for a Strategic Partner. This lab has just received CLIA and state license and is also applying for a neighboring state license. The lab has been now fully staffed and the owner is looking for a strategic partner who can run the operations and / or grow the business

blood drop iconSOLD Tech-2243: DNA Paternity Testing, Forensic Testing Lab in South East. This lab after undergoing time-consuming and expensive accreditation for AABB, is poised for high growth under right ownership. Owner must sell due to relocation outside of the country on account of family situation. One of the few labs in the country with dual accreditation. Gross Income (2012): $288K, Discretionary Cash Flow: $134K, assets: $125K.

blood_drop_iconSOLD- Tech-1503 - CLIA-accredited Profitable Clinical Lab with High Growth Potential in SE USA.

blood_drop_iconSOLD - Tech-1510 - Clinical Diagnostic Lab in North East.

Analytical / Research Labs

beaker iconSOLD Tech-2289: NELAC-Accredited Environmental Laboratory in South West with Radiochemical Testing Capability with Excellent Growth Potential. The Laboratory is a well-established, full-service, NE LAC-accredited environmental laboratory offering a variety of radiochemical analysis and analytical services. Revenue: $1.12 million, Discretionary Earnings: $316K. Includes significant assets including some hard to find equipment, $100,000+ inventory including radiochemical standards worth  over $70,000, specialized labs with lead shielding ...Contact Us

beaker iconSOLD Tech-2309: Profitable, Well-Established, and Very Reputable Radiochemical lab in North East. This NELAC-accredited laboratory specializes in the analysis of radioactive contaminants identified by the U.S. EPA Safe Drinking Water Act (U.S. EPA SDWA).

beaker iconSOLD Tech-2269: Modern, Professionally Run NE LAP-accredited Environmental Laboratory with Solid Revenues in Mid-west. The lab performs drinking water, waste water, soil and air analysis. It is well-equipped and staffed with modern equipment and runs out of a newly renovated, modern 15,000 sq. feet space in an industrial park and offers plenty of room for expansion. Financials: 2012 revenues at $2.63 million, EBITDA: $372K, Assets: ~1 million.

beaker icon SOLD - Tech-2102 - Modern Industrial Process and Environmental Testing Laboratory on the West Coast.

beaker_iconSOLD - Tech-2111 - Environmental Testing Laboratory on the West Coast - Expertise in Petroleum, Gas, Wastewater and Drinking Water.

beaker_iconSOLD Tech - 2214 - Modern, Environmental Testing Lab in North East with Solid Profits. The full-service Company serves industrial, municipal and residential clients. It provides testing services for drinking water, wastewater, and soils. It provides full support in all phases of projects including soil investigation, ground water sampling and potable testing services.

beaker iconSOLDTech-2114 - Well-established Environmental Testing Laboratory in North East with a Very Loyal Customer Base- Testing Water, Soil, Air. This 40-plus year old company excels in providing personalized and customized environmental testing services in the area of waste water, soil and air testing. Because of their superior service and scientific knowledge, the company has built up a solid business and a loyal clientele.

Calibration Labs

guage_iconSOLD Tech-2318: Profitable A2LA Calibration Lab with Consistent Revenues in Eastern USA. This is an A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) accredited (for ISO/IEC 17025) company and a premier leader in the force measurement services industry. It specializes in the calibration, repair and maintenance of Instron® universal tensile test equipment and balances, serving about 120 customers including fortune 500 customers. Ideal for a company to get into this geographic market and offer wider range of services to Company's customers. Gross Revenue: $256K, Discretionary Earnings $152K, Asking Price: $380K. ...more ... Contact Us

guage_iconSOLD Tech-2223 - Profitable ISO/IEC Accredited and Well-Equipped Calibration Laboratory in New England with Great Future Potential. This is an accredited calibration laboratory that calibrates analytical and hand instruments for a variety of customers, including aerospace, medical, automotive, and general manufacturing industries. The lab has been accredited to IS0 17025 since the standard's inception, and prior to that Guide 25. The accreditation contains a rather wide scope of dimensional and mechanical capabilities.

guage_iconSOLD-Tech - 2203 - Liquidation Sale - All Equipment, Furniture list and Customer List of an EMC Lab in New England States.

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